Inside the Bubble Awards: Early Exit Polling!

It's obviously too early to ask for accuracy from this exit poll data for the Inside the Bubble Washington Journalism Awards, but some things are clear:

Hotmail and Yahoo membership seems have made a clear uptick in the past few days. (Thanks for the votes "" and ""!)

"Everyone" is totally winning the "Laziest" category, but then again, we haven't gotten that many votes.

Terry Moran may not win anything, but there are some gentlemen who would like to give him a big "prize" if he's game.

Bumiller hurt you. Tell Wonkette where.

On an unrelated note, we have many write-in votes for Brad Woodhouse as "Flack Most Likely to Have Special Spam Filter Created for Him."

ONLY TWO DAYS LEFT!!!! Ballot here. Send votes to . Winners announced Friday.


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