Inside the Bubble: Can't You Read Edition

"Deep Throat, Inc." results in Enron-style distribution. Woodward's "The Secret Man" (his fifth book about Watergate) contracted for $18 million, Felt family splits $10,000 with lawyer John O'Connor. [NY Observer]

Robert Kaiser interrupts his own discussion about hot Finnish ladies to dismiss a question about the Downing Street Memo: "What's up with you? Can you read? Did you read Walter Pincus's excellent journalism on that memo?" [WP]

Si TV dares conservative pundits, including "Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, and Rush Limbaugh," to room at their "Urban Jungle" house, and "compete in such contests as picking strawberries, removing graffiti, selling oranges on off-ramps, and cleaning Beverly Hills houses." Will anyone take them up on it? Depends on what kind of ratings Tucker's show gets, we're guessing. [B&C]


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