Inside the Bubble: Disappointment and Sell-Outs

Tucker's new show roughly based on ESPN"s "Pardon the Interruption." So glad he's ditching the flashy, personality-driven, in your face schtick of "Crossfire" for something more subtle. MSNBC insider says "they showed us clips of the pilot at an MSNBC town hall, and Tucker doesn't do it all that well. Also, they haven't cast his foil or foils yet. The show debuts in two weeks. Oops." [TVNewser]

Does CNN honcho Jon Klein still profit from the image-consulting business he used to run and whose clients he now covers? Some guy in pajamas wants to know. [Reference Tone]

Chronic conference-attender Jeff Jarvis now adds to list of entities he must disclose about before blogging. It is the latest Jarvis purchase for The Man, who started buying piece of him "30 years ago." [WP Extra]

Gawkerist fulfills dream, becomes part of Gawker Media Empire. You cannot fight the Blorg. [Gawkerist]


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