Inside the Bubble: Does Banal Rhyme with "Canal" or "Anal"?

CNN's opinion of its viewers, encapsulated in the DC bureau chief's description of "The Blog Report": "It’s sort of like Blogs 101...Or the Reader’s Digest of blogs. Or Blogs for Dummies." They said it, not us. [NYO]

Isikoff on Cooper: He should have tried to "cajole [Rove] into going on the record and leaning on him with information gleaned from other sources. Instead, Isikoff asserted, 'It seems like Time stopped reporting.'" [Media Nation]

Anderson Cooper and Aaron Brown have hot co-anchor action. [TVNewser]

Rumors of violence in New Orleans prove to be just rumors, but Bush still glad he didn't actually have to go until it was dry and stuff. [NYT and NOLA]

CBS's "Public Eye" has tin ear: Headlines regarding "Early Show" exec Michael Bass include "Reeling In A Bass" and "Pump Up The Bass."

"Inside the Bubble," the movie: "Watching the film is going to subject you to a lot of ungainly behavior." [ABC] Also: The Stephanie Factor returns (WM).


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