Inside the Bubble: Journalists Define Themselves

Gawker pins the Pampers on the tail of “a gifted and well-known newspaper editor liked to have sex wearing diapers.” [Gawker]

Bloggers don't question Bernie Goldberg's contention that 100 people are "screwing up America" -- including "America Bashers" and "Hollywood Blowhards" -- demand to know who, exactly. [Captain's Quarters]

Harry Shearer knows who's a journalist. They "can’t resist: miracle puppies. children trapped in wells. killer bees." Can "almost always resist: stories with three or more sides, computer terminals without a Nexis account, angles that might make their colleagues think they were flaky." Also, "a journalist thinks the first amendment is the only one the founders really meant." We would like to add: A journalist will always by the "next" round. [Huff-a-po]

Gurfeldian wisdom on the Tucker-Imus feud. Imus is angry because "Chris Matthews, Andrea Mitchell and Howard Fineman didn't ask him to Ibiza." [Huffapolooza]

General Wesley Clark brings his steely gaze to Fox. [Baltimore Sun]


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