Inside the Bubble: Matt Bai Totally Rocks!

We only wish we were as angry and unrestrained and unthoughtful as Matt Bai's writing for his high school newspaper: "Oftentimes, the tenor of the stuff on the blogs sounds like the stuff I was writing when I was on my high school newspaper, when I was young and angry and unrestrained and not particularly thoughtful." [CJR Daily]

TV reporter shares day in life of: "930 morning meeting and everyone goes nuts over bullshit....1200 i do two liveshots about bullshit....1400 I am done with my photog doing the 5 and 6....1600 shit happens, trash our story." By "shit," we suppose he means "news." Sorry, guy! [TV Spy]

ABC World News Tonight's youth demo doubled by addition of Charlie Gibson's daughters. [Gawker]


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