Inside the Bubble: Media on Media Violence

Everyone loves a Jew with a big. . . nose. [Gawker]

The press in Crawford are way into Atkins: "a lot of them are sitting around there, eating barbecue three times a day, feeling a little resentful that the president has dragged them down there." [CNN]

And while they eat barbecue, the President plays Marco Polo with Lance: "Trent Duffy confirms that the president, Armstrong and the group did indeed swim in the pool after the bike ride." [Blogs for Bush]

The only line you need to know from Wired's Jon Stewart interview: "I'm surprised people don't have cables coming out of their asses." [Lost Remote]

If you haven't yet read Murray Waas bitch-slapping Michael Wolff, you really should: "When you say the media didn't report this, let's look at the track record of Vanity Fair. Vanity Fair is coming into this ballgame pretty late, aren't they? I mean, how long has this story been around, and when did Vanity Fair come to it?" [Media Channel]


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