Inside the Bubble: Miles O'Brien's Remembrances of Hurricanes Past

Judy Miller hand is tired. [E&P]

Miles O'Brien's Proustian hurricane blog: The "LSU Chancellor. . . led us to a campus cafeteria for some breakfast. . .I found the school fare pretty darn close to perfection." [CNN via Gawker]

Roll Call, CQ, National Journal and the Hill play musical chairs. [Fishbowl DC]

The WP launches a local blog -- plunging into the kind uncensored, balls-out, citizen journalism that the MSM can't traditionally provide. Our favorite post so far? "Here's A Good Read to Brighten Your Day." [Focus on Fairfax]

Amy Alexander seeks an "idea-driven publication aimed at black Americans," we seek an "idea-driven publication," period. [WP]


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