Andrew Sullivan to blog for Time. Welcome to 2003, Time! [NY Post]

Jon Klein continues to explain how he will drive CNN into the ground then dance on its handsome, tiny grave. [TVNewser]

Men: perhaps unnecessary. Friends? Totally: "my witty friend Frank Bruni, the New York Times restaurant critic"; "my friend Leon Wieseltier"; "the current Cosmo editor, my friend Kate White"; "my late friend Art Cooper, the editor of GQ for 20 years"; "my pal Craig Bierko"... [NYTBR]

WH bitchslaps WP. You know when you're in trouble? When you're on the defensive. [FishbowlDC]

NYT public editor just lies back and takes it from Judy Miller. [Gawker]

Radosh plays a tiny violin for Mary Mapes: "Mapes [has a] concern about people staking out her house to take pictures of her, digging up information about her from public documents, and interviewing her former colleagues. Have I mentioned that Mapes worked for 60 Minutes?" []


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