Inside the Bubble: News about Political News

David Foster Wallace's "Atlantic Monthly" piece on radio talk shows is 23 pages, has one hundred thirty-two footnotes. [Free Williamsburg]

Our media-obsessed stepblog has put out an ABP on Lizz Winstead, formerly of The Daily Show and even more recently formerly of Air America's "Unfiltered." [Gawker]

Is Tucker's show MSNBC coming soon? Or is someone just fucking with TVNewser? [TVNewser]

McClellan-ese 101: "Most of the time these days, when he says the president has made his views very clear, you know two things: 1) The president has not made his views very clear; and 2) McClellan isn't about to, either." []

More than you ever, ever wanted to know about the working conditions of the WH press corps. (But where do they hide the liquor?) [FishbowlDC]


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