Inside the Bubble: Plame Investigation and Much, Much More! Well, Some.

Howie Kurtz spends most of his chat fielding questions about WP's "not covering" the Plame investigation. Also, answers a burning question: "New York, N.Y.: What is it about Rove that makes left-wingers go berserk like this? Howard Kurtz: This is just a wild guess, but I don't think they like him very much." Totally has that sarcasm thing down. []

Romenesko correspondent argues for turning lemons into lemonade: Announce identity of leaker "from a bunting-draped speaker's on the Ellipse. Have two companies of paratroopers sitting behind you. Invite cable, network and talk show coverage...Open with a barbershop quartet for harmony, a tap-dancing juggler for style, and (this is the zinger for the front page pix) a ventriloquist with a fat wooden dummy." [Romenesko Letters]

Fox's Brian "Moose" Wilson moves to the Hill. [TVNewser]

Brit paper pinches prose from the Post. [Catch]


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