Inside the Bubble: Rated "R" for Round-Up

Brian Williams, Mr. Sun fan: "Why didn't I think of Mr. Sun's opening credo?" ("Mr. Sun is a mysterious figure, a blinding light. Do not look directly at Mr. Sun. Bask in him. Although 93 million miles away, Mr. Sun uses this Blog to share his warmth with others.") [Nightly News Blog]

Stephen Colbert's ambition is to "have Stone Phillips’s neck and Geraldo Rivera’s sense of mission," already has "sincerity worthy of an Airedale." [NYer]

If we're going to censor TV, we need to know who we're censoring for: Congressmen propose that "new TV ratings systems to have full approval from the Media Rating Council to operate." [Media Daily News]

Murdoch buys "," gets more than he bargained for: Faux News is "dedicated to all those disgusted with the Right-Wing propaganda put out by Rupert Murdoch’s NEWSCORP (FOX NEWS & NYPOST) P.S. Fuck Dildo Loving Bill O’Reilly." [ via FishbowlNY]


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