Inside the Bubble: Russert Doesn't Know, Mitchell Isn't Telling

Tim Russert comes clean on Rove-a-Dope: "MR. RUSSERT: But I was asked what I said. I did not know." Maybe he needs to go on a talk show with a more aggressive interviewer. [HuffPo]

Tucker's homies dis the bow-tie boy: "The show was DOA the week it premiered." [Radar]

What's the difference between man-handling Andrea Mitchell and brow-beating Scott McClellan? One of them doesn't enjoy it. [Media Blog]

CJR doubts "that Mitchell sustained herself on 'muddy water and dates' while in Sudan." No, she was just on Atkins. [CJR Daily]

Bush official hosts CNBC broadcast. Man, Ailes must be pissed. [Fishboy] NOTE: Apparently Squawk Box is all about the guest hosts and features admin folks all the time. Does that make it more or less controversial?


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