Inside the Bubble: The Revolving Door

Tina Brown, the hardest working woman in showbiz: She must "consume expensively catered food and vintage wine while sitting next to 'not just an endless round of U.N. ambassadors, visiting foreign ministers and 57 varieties of dignitaries,' but also 'their wives.' The horror." [Weekly Standard]

Glover Park Group's Howard Wolfson moonlights as a music critic: "When I put the disc on in my car recently, I really thought a helicopter was coming in overhead." [NYM via Gawker]

WashTimes editor Wes Pruden to step down next year. [US News]

Fox News still hazardous to your health, and possibly your conscience: "Kalb [once told] the Columbia Journalism Review that he is 'leery of' and 'uncomfortable' with any news operation that makes 'a point of political allegiance of any sort.' I guess 'leery' and 'uncomfortable' are synonyms for 'willing to be paid by.' Hack." [Reference Tone]

The kids have never been alright: In "ancient Sumeria.. the stampers of the Daily Cuneiform [were] pulling their beards and muttering that kids these days are interested almost exclusively in frivolous opposed to worrying about crumbling canals and what the Hittites are up to." [WSJ]


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