Inside the Bubble Washington Journalism Awards: Act Nice!

Remember what we said about how not all WH journalists are total bitches who would just as soon shoot death rays at you with their laser eyes as say hello? Not since Campbell left, anyway. But as proof, this relatively kind-hearted stab at one-off nominees and categories for the Inside the Bubble Washington Journalism Awards.

"Biggest Nightmare During Security Sweeps: Mark Knoller (CBS radio).

Best resource for colleagues, White House History and Presidential Facts category: Mark Knoller (CBS radio)

Best resource for colleagues, Good Restaurant Wherever You Are category: Bill Plante (CBS)

Most Likely to Reference "Sodomite scoutmasters" in a question to the press secretary (because he did): Lester Kinsolving"

Accepting nominees in these categories now. Send your complaints and kudos and names to .

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