Inside the Bubble Washington Journalism Awards: Some Categories Announced

Finalizing the list of categories for the Wonkette Inside the Bubble Washington Journalism Awards is hard enough, but trying to figure out how to work in an ass-fucking reference has totally stumped us! Then again, we hear that Matt and Judy might be sentenced this week, so there you go.

You can start sending in nominees to for our unfinalized categories now (see them after the jump or here); we reserve the right to make changes at whim.

UPDATE: We must add that prison rape is no laughing matter, and we endorse the butt love only when achieved with mutual consent. In any case, the buggery referenced here is not literal -- it's just the government fucking over reporters.

Unfinalized Categories for the Wonkette Inside the Bubble Washington Journalism Awards:

Wire Service Award for Best WHC You've Never Heard of

Sam Donaldson Award for Most Overrated

Best Hair

Worst Hair

Best Looking (Above the Neck)

Best Looking (Below the Neck)

Best to Sit Next to on the Bus (for less than 20 minutes)

Best to Sit Next to on the Bus (for more than 20 minutes)

Dana Milbank Award for Most Disliked by the WH

James Guckert Award for Most Liked by the WH (but not in that way)


Monica Lewinsky Award for Biggest Suck-up

Street Meat Award for Most Willing to Go on Cable

Mike Allen Award for Hardest Working

John King Award for Print Reporter Most Likely to Jump to TV

Ken Herman Award for Most Likely to be Quoted by Colleagues

Best WHC to Get Drunk With in Waco

Biggest Diva

Most Likely to Get Facts Wrong

And, because we're not always mean:


And, because it really is Prom:

Prom King

Prom Queen

Anyone attending the WH Correspondents' Dinner (celebs, PR people, producers, politicians) can be nominated in the last two categories.


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