Inside the Bubble: You Know, For Kids

asap, like AP but without all that "news." [Gawker]

MSM's big foot side-steps "Socialist Worker" scoop on shot-at Katrina survivors. [WCP]

TVSpiers speculate on MSNBC's "death pool" for hed Rick Kaplan. [TVSpy]

Admiral Stockdale "ran as an independent in 1992 with Ross Perot, not as a Republican in 1996 with John McCain, who was not a nominee." [Reference Tone]

Kinsley to telecommute even further. [FishbowlDC]

NBC posts a trove of Katrina-related docs, including the PowerPoint presentation on the now-famous “Hurricane Pam,” and "lists of upcoming FEMA and DHS exercises showing how the threat of terrorism had trumped natural disasters in the minds of emergency planners, at least at the federal level.' [MSNBC]


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