At nine casinos in fabulous Las Vegas today, the Democrats held these weird "at large" caucuses for the Culinary Workers Union, which happened to endorse Obama. And then there was a court case -- not-so-secretly encouraged by the Clinton campaign -- to stop these casino caucus spectaculars, because that might help Barry Hussein Obama. Well, in the end Hillary won even with the union people having the right to vote or whatever. Here's what it looked like.

Our first picture is the soon-to-be iconic photo of a black lady in a chef's hat. We know it will be famous because at least one million photographers took pictures of her. A lady! In a chef's hat!

Next up, the sad place where the media were kept:

Did we mention how huge and horrifying it was inside the Wynn's lonesome ballroom area?

Also, nobody had any idea what they were doing. When all precincts have finally reported, we'll probably find out that Hilary Duff was elected King of Mexico.


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