Inside the College Student's Political Mind

why? because we're robotsSo a couple of days ago, some Harvard kids started the 424,432,226th get-out-the-vote social networking site for college students:, which sounds like an expensive domain name. Usually we'd rather gouge our eyes out with #2 pencils before publicizing such a thing, but Why08 offers a notably revealing feature -- students can "vote" for their candidates of choice and then debate each other on a live message board. And guess which candidate has by far the most votes, and by far the most discussion? It's no surprise, but here's a hint: A lot of college students appear to be illegal alien spambots.

The best empirical evidence yet that Ron Paul is merely a CGI manifestation of collegiate spambots:

ronpaulwhy.jpgHooray for the American educational system! It's really doing a great job keeping students from lapsing into retardation.

Meanwhile on the discussion board, the Paultards are duking it out with the Huckafucks. One of the latter's supporters, user "fyrelight74," presents herself to the 'tards crowd like a lamb to the slaughter:

The Fair Tax: Imagine a day when you get ALL of your check, no deductions. You don't have to fill out any W forms when you get hired. You don't have to worry about if you'll pay in next year or get a refund. You only have a sales tax. No IRS. No payroll experts needed. Beautiful.

NUH UH BITCH! THATS THE PAUL REVOLUTIONZ YOU BE SPEAKING BOUT! Quoth Paultard "cofeewithchess" in response:

Ron Paul is the only candidate addressing the Federal Reserve and our "inflation tax". If they don't address this, it doesn't matter what other taxes they get rid of, our dollar will continue to have less purchasing power.




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