So in loveThe best thing about Hillary Clinton's imminent return to the White House is that it will give America four to eight more years of thirtysomething, the iconic television show that taught the rest of the world to hate the Baby Boomers. Get ready for another decade of your mom and her friends speculating about why Hillary hasn't left Bill yet, and did you hear what Linda Bloodworth-Thomason said, and isn't Fleetwood Mac great.

This Slate thinkpiece about the Clinton marriage -- which says, essentially, that they are a mutual admiration society consisting of two insane self-promoting robots -- offers one horrifying glimpse into the next Clinton Reich. It will basically be like The Hills, except with Yale Law graduates who don't have sex with each other, and no boob jobs either except for all the bimbos Bill sleeps with, which nobody will care about except for your mom. And all her friends. There are 100 MILLION OF THEM in the United States.

For Better or for Worse [Slate]


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