Insight Makes Shit Up, Matt Links To It

So, while we're on the subject of Matt Drudge, we just want to ask:

What the fuck would the point be of Dick retiring after midterm elections? Anyone? He's not moving. The guy's a dead-ender.

And even if Bush has seized power from the Veep in a bloodless coup (well, mostly bloodless), wouldn't he give ol' Dick "Below the Margin of Error Approval Rating" Cheney the boot when it might actually provide some sort of political advantage -- that is, before the midterms?

It's a fun little fantasy, but this is clearly one of those Moonie Times/Insight scoops that are a little bit more made-up than the other ones.

Anyway, it's affecting the odds, so we highly recommending throwing a little cash down against it. You'll be thanking us come December.

Cheney Seen Retiring After Midterm Elections [Insight]


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