Inspiration To the Insane Carl Paladino Not Going To Run For Chris Lee's Sex Seat


Tea party-backed 2010 GOP gubernatorial nominee Carl Paladino won't run for the now-vacant seat of former Rep. Chris Lee (R-N.Y), instead throwing his support behind state Assemblywoman Jane Corwin (R) should she run.

In the wake of Lee's quick resignation Wednesday evening after embarrassing web postings and photos surfaced on Gawker, a source close to Paladino told Hotline On Call that the outspoken and controversial wealthy businessman was being "heavily lobbied" to run for the seat. Paladino lives just outside the district, but New York state law does not require candidates to live within the district's boundaries.

Oh. In that case, Christine O'Donnell should run. Or even better: Ronald Reagan's corpse. Or best of all: Hosni Mubarak. He'll be unemployed soon and has a great "war chest," right? [Hotline]


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