SAY GOOD-BYE TO JULI & HELLO TO RILEY: Our beloved intern Juli Weiner has left us for new assignments, at both the New Yorker and N+1. Really. We hope to see her back again in Wonkette-land, eventually. But now it's time to meet your highly qualified Summer 2009 Wonkette intern, Riley Waggaman. He hails from Wheaton College, but "not the crazy one in Illinois." And he is the owner of this historical gossip-columnist top hat, which means he'll be doing our new Washington Gossip Column, which we still need to name. (Riley will really be going around DC in this hat, to get the Hot Gossip!) You can help us name this new feature, in the comments! Winner gets a classic Wonkette Operative T-shirt, if said winner can convince Newell to hand it over.


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