International Domestic Surveillance

  • It looks like Apple will be introducing a more affordable, hobo-friendly line of laptops next week. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Testicular stem cells are the hot new alternative to embryonic stem cells. [AP]
  • Wells Fargo won the bidding war for Wachovia and will now be the largest bank in America as measured by number of branches. [Bloomberg]
  • Oh shock! Two former NSA employees said U.S. spies listened to the phone calls of Americans overseas. [Washington Post]
  • Crowds at McCain/Palin rallies get more hysterical and angry as they realize that most rational people care more about the impending New Depression than they do scary 40-years-ago terrorist William Ayers. [Washington Post]
  • John McCain gets no credit from Hispanics for his Maverick stance on immigration -- only blame for being a Republican. [Politico]

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