Internet Star Barack Obama Talked About Twitter Like The Whole Time He Was Abroad


  • Obama told Chinese teenagers about the uncensored Internet, a mediocre collection of re-purposed AP articles and some videos that generally people only like when it's not available.  [New York Times]
  • Over at some United Nations summit, everyone bonded about how much they hate hunger but declined to throw any money at the problem. [AP]
  • Starting in January, GM will start giving the US $1 billion per quarter to pay off the company's debt. [Washington Post]
  • Late Friday, when no one was paying attention, Robert Gates whispered in the Supreme Court's ear that the Pentagon is forbidding the release of those US military-terror suspect photos. [CNN]
  • Some Democrats are working on a bill that would compensate everyone whose hours were cut so their companies wouldn't go out of business immediately. Wonkette Games: what will Democrats and Republicans do to convince everyone on Earth to hate this idea in just a few weeks? [The Hill]
  • Palestinians might ask the UN for their own state because they are very frustrated with the US, Israel, and not having their own state. [WSJ]

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