Internment's Not Just a Shitty Hill Gig, Huckaboo

AP0209110279.jpgIf there's one absolutely, totally clear thing that has emerged from the assassination of Benazir Bhutto yesterday it is that Pakistanis coming into the US need closer monitoring. So, we're thrilled to hear that Mike Huckabee has finally said what someone besides Tancredo needed to say. Some might wonder what monitoring immigrants just because they're Pakistani has to do with anything and, even though we don't really have answer to that question, we know that such people are not serious about securing America.

Huckabee gave what sounds like a totally hee-larious press conference last night during which he not only made confidence-building statements about monitoring Pakistanis in the U.S., but also totes cleared up his little stumble in admitting he didn't know martial law had been lifted. His explained by saying that he obviously knew it was lifted and only meant that didn't want it to start again, obviously. The reason why martial law is bad, of course, is that people lose their rights and the government can do things like monitor them for no reason, you know, and also shoot them on sight.

Huck also wanted to make it clear that Bhutto's death should not be used politically, which is why he tied it to his tough stance on immigration. That issue just happens to be a soft spot for Mittens, his main rival who Huck went on to excoriate for "negative attacks," as if there are any other kind. But, instead of being enemies, we think he and Mittens should be friends, because Huck's cab driver/711-worker round-up and Mitten's plans to double the size Guantanamo are perfectly complementary policies.

Huck also demonstrated great respect for Bhutto's legacy and identified her main leadership trait, which he apparently determined was her vagina. He said:

"She represents a threat to Islamic fundamentalists in that as a woman, an educated, sophisticated, strong, capable woman leader, that does pose a threat to those that don't believe a woman should not be given that platform and that level of equality."

Sounds like someone just made an endorsement!

Huckabee: US Should Monitor Pakistanis Coming Into Country [ABC News]


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