Interpretive Dance: It's Real, It's Here, It's Happening

Interpretive Dance: It's Real, It's Here, It's Happening
  • Friday, March 27: The Paul Taylor Dance Company performs a Mexican-themed dance extravaganza at the Kennedy Center, maybe in anticipation of Hillary Clinton's visit to Mexico this week, or maybe not. 8PM, $22-65. [Kennedy Center]

  • Saturday, March 28: Artists Jane Jerardi and Daniel Burkholder are going to attempt to "express" humanity's political and environmental relationship to water through Interpretive Dance. Ugh, if you end up going, get ready for one night of weird, because there's spoken word, "experimentation," and video art in addition to the dancing. At the Dance Place, 8PM [Dance Place]
  • New: Crowns, a play about black churchgoers who wear crazy hats, is out this week at the Arena Stage. The website encourages guests to show their "hattitude" by wearing a hat to the show. Too cute. Show times vary. [Arena Stage]
  • New: Crimes of the Heart is a Nora Roberts-type play about three teenage sisters in the Deep South who hopefully make out with each other and make a porno for your viewing pleasure, but probably not. At Theatre on the Run, show times vary. [Theatre on the Run]
  • If you're the kind of person who always wanted to move to New York City but just happened to end up in DC, be sure to watch Stoop Stories, a collection of spoken-word vignettes about Big City Life and how nutzo it is. Then you'll be happy with DC. At the Studio Theatre, show times vary. [Studio Theatre]

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