Introducing: Ask a Lobbyist

AskALobbyist480.jpgAnonymous Hill Staffer is Dead! Long live Anonymous Lobbyist!

Give a hearty Wonkette Welcome to the newest member of our team, a young woman you may have seen skulking around Signatures back in the good old days. She's here to answer all your pressing and/or trivial questions about life, love, and larceny on Capitol Hill. If there's something you've always wanted to know, but were too creeped out to ask in person, shoot us an email with the subject line "Ask a Lobbyist," and we'll send it along.

After the jump, learn a couple tricks of the trade that'll come in handy next time you need to influence an elected representative.

What does a lobbyist do, exactly?

So, back in the day, "lobbyists"


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