Introducing Idolator

idolator%2Blogo.gifIf you're the type of 18-35-year-old who leaves comments wondering why we didn't include tonight's Middle Distance Runner show at DC9 in the To Do list, you'll flip over newest Gawker Media property Idolator. It's a music blog, but, like, a Gawker Media music blog. The blurb: "When the internet came, we overthrew the pasty white tastemakers, the duplicitious music marketers and the manufactured pop idols. And then they all came back. This is Idolator. We're so disappointed."

The site promises to tear down the false idols of "hype" and "buzz" and "other music blogs" -- learn just how said idols will be destroyed in Idolator's manifesto. Now onwards, children, you all have a 9:30 to catch!



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