Introducing Wonkabout, the D.C. Guide

Introducing Wonkabout, the D.C. Guide

Here's something you don't see too often, these days, during the Great Big Depression: the launch of a new publication! It's calledWonkabout, and it's your guide to all that is fun and interesting and weird and tasty and boozey in Washington D.C., the new capital of the world. Yes We Can!

We're hardly the first to note that Washington has become pretty damned sexy since Barack Obama and two million friends had a little party down on the National Mall last month. But we're the first to start a post-inauguration publication specifically about all the fine stuff Washington has to offer, HA!, and we hope you'll make it your "What the hell should I do tonight?" web stop.

Send us your tips and complaints, and don't be shy about pimping your gallery openings and farmers markets and happy hours and weeknight four-band no-cover shows. We've got a small army of vampires, foodies, drunks, bookish losers and culture vultures on call, and they are looking for fun.

Thanks much to BlogAds and Pressflex for getting this Wonkabout online, and to our interns Malaka Gharib and Juli Weiner and Elizabeth Askew for being all over town all the time, and to John Santos for the fancy new Wonkabout artwork.


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