Introducing Wonkette Comments

mekons-the_quality_of_mercy.jpgBlogs are conversation, back-and-forth, breaking down barriers, blah blah blah. Whatever. We just want you to create content for us. And keep refreshing those damn pages!

So say hello to Wonkette Comments, a freewheelin' cocktail party located just below every post. As is generally the case in DC, though, access comes at a price -- commenting privileges, like seats at the Wednesday Meeting, are invite-only.

As we speak, comment invites are making their way to bloggers, media people, Hill interns, government moles, frequent tipsters, and people whose business cards we've found in our pockets after last call at Stetson's. In the spirit of Gmail, we're giving our invitees extra comment invitations to hand out to their most trusted and least discreet friends.

To learn how you, too, can pay-for-play, read our Comments Faq (to which we add only that those wishing for invites could also try buying us a drink).

The first round of invites goes out this afternoon, so check your inboxes, power players and office drones.


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