Introducing Wonkette's Friday Afternoon Ladies Book Club

There's nothing much happening today, in politics, and your editor is all alone at Wonkette today, so let's start a ladies' book club! Here are some political-type books recently consumed by your editor, courtesy of this "Good Reads" thing suggested by BlogAds kingpin Henry Copeland.


* The First American is amazingly good, so far. Got about a third left to read, but it goes fast for a Thick Founding Father Book. Full of fresh stuff, even if you've read a dozen books on Franklin.

* Founding Brothers won the Pulitizer Prize. Everybody loved it. Thin book, should've been an easy read, etc. And yet ... so fucking dull.

* McCain: Myth of a Maverick will not convince you that Walnuts is a psychopath, because you already know that, because you read Wonkette. But it might convince your halfwit relatives and co-workers who actually buy McCain's bullshit act.


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