Introducting The Latest Health Care Lie-Meme, Starring Michele Bachmann!


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Here is overrated piece of performance art Michele Bachmann suggesting on the House floor last night that, you know actually, if you look at the first letter of the first word on each even-numbered page of the latest iteration of the Democrats' health care bill, it spells out the following: "CHILDREN, TEENAGE CHILDREN, COULD BE HAVING SEX WITH DRUG PEOPLE AND GETTING ABORTIONS FIVE MINUTES LATER, AND REPEATING THESE UNCOUTH SEX TRICKS AD VITAM AETERNAM, AND YOU WOULD BE NONE THE WISER." It's true!

So apparently Obama wants to set up health clinics in schools, which is of course deeply problematic because if there are health clinics in school—like health clinics that know about sex things!!—what's stopping America's children from getting hall-passes to the abortion clinic every day practically? Well, fine, yes, this:

Clinics getting federal dollars must act in accordance with federal, state and local law, according to the bills. For example, clinics in Louisiana are not even allowed to counsel students on abortion, according to the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals.

Um but still! Your child: getting casual abortions during theology class??

[Glenn Thrush]


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