Iowa Cops Bravely Pepper Spray Handcuffed Wall Street Protester


The goons of the Iowa State Patrol of Des Moines spent last night arresting 32 peacenik "men, women, young people, senior citizens and a 14-year-old" after the Ocupados refused to leave the State Capitol grounds after the 11 p.m. closing time, for freedom. The Des Moines Register report mentions only that one protester was pepper sprayed, but a Facebook wall post on the Occupy Iowa page adds that "someone with his hands tied behind his back was pepper sprayed in the eyes and an ambulance came for him," also for freedom (and good police fun). More details from this "not-reported by any of the news sources we can find" mace-to-the-face hilariousness after the jump! 

The video from Iowa Politics doesn't show the pepper spraying incident, but here is the crazy account from Facebook poster Andrew Rasmussen:

Here is what I saw at Occupy Des Moines tonight....there were around 100 to 200 people there around 11 pm...the state patrol and Des Moines police rolled in with about 50 to 60 people and even dogs.....the protestors were peaceful and repeated their intention of occupying a public area...the arrests began as people were zip tied...then someone with his hands tied behind his back was pepper sprayed in the eyes and an ambulance came for him...a person with a camera who had taken pictures of the pepper spraying was surrounded by state troopers and tried to get his camera away from them....they started to push him around and threw his camera to someone else who was then rushed by the cops but several protestors rushed into the street to protect and get the camera away....finally a 14 year old child was arrested (in zip ties) and the tents were tore (sic) down.....

Taxpayer dollars at work! [Daily Kos/Facebook/Des Moines Register]


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