Iowa Democrats Make Fun Internet Drinking Game Mocking Tea Party

Happy Labor Day weekend! Here is a fun "we just made this into a drinking game" Internetwebsite from the Iowa Democratic Party that asks visitors to read a hilariously krazy quote and guess which nutbag GOP personality said it. It's slightly harder than it looks! We'll share some tips after the jump!

First of all, we are professionals, and even some of the "God hates homos" and "science was invented by Hitler" ones are hard to assign correctly because they are repeated so often and nearly verbatim between these outlandish weirdos that it is easy to mix them up. Don't feel bad if you miss one. Take a shot! Take a shot if you get it right, too! Everyone wins.

Other tips:

  • If it is an off-color joke about torturing brown people in island gulags, pick Mittens.
  • If you have no idea, pick Michele Bachmann or Sarah Palin, close your eyes, imagine the words "abusive cheerleader mom" and then whichever one hits your eye first after you open them is probably the correct answer.
  • We will ruin this one for you, because it's great: "George W. Bush did a incredible job in the presidency, defending us from freedom" is Rick Perry.
  • Everything else is Christine O'Donnell.

Happy weekend! []


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