IOWA GAY MARRIAGE 8/30/07-8/31/07

College students Sean Fritz and Tim McQuillan got married in Iowa today, hours after a Polk County judge decided to make the '08 caucus even more uncomfortable and hilarious by striking down that state's ban on same-sex family-destroying. They kissed and everything, it was totally gross. Then, uh, a couple hours later, this:

Associated Press - August 31, 2007 1:04 PM ET

The Polk County recorder says she has been instructed by the county attorney to stop accepting same-sex marriage applications.

Julie Haggerty says the instructions came from the county attorney's office after Judge Robert Hanson verbally issued a stay of his ruling striking down same-sex marriages.

The county plans to appeal to the Iowa Supreme Court. Haggerty says she is not permitted to accept any more applications from gay couples until after the high court rules.

We hope you all enjoyed your day of equal rights, Gay Iowans. Also: wtf are you doing living in Iowa? Kentucky rent too high?

First gay couple legally married in Iowa after judge rules state ban unconstitutional [AP via Fox]

IA Same Sex Marriage [AP via WQAD]


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