Iowa Night Shift Managers Feel Same Disdain for Caucuses That We Do

AP060816032860.jpgIowa is known for two things -- its caucuses and its potatoes. And come to think of it, not even the potatoes because those are Idaho. So that just leaves the caucuses, which, as none of us can escape knowing, are a pretty big deal to Iowans. Unlike the State Fair, which I would assume is also a big deal to Iowans, it's only for one night and happens every four years. They take it pretty seriously, with the party faithful turning out in droves. So wouldn't it be a bummer if your douchebag boss told you you couldn't go?

Ruth Kennedy complained to the Des Moines Register that her supervisor denied her time off from her customer service job to caucus, assuring her that her absence wouldn't have an impact on the outcome. Ruth's boss is clearly a tool. In fact, Ruth's job is so shitty and her boss so toolish that her ensuing tantrum did not bring about any kind of disciplinary action. That's pathetic even by Wonkette standards, where my frequent tantrums result in some pretty brutal spankings (Megan's got a mean streak).

This year's caucuses will be larger than those of previous election cycles, and that means more police will be on hand (these things get pretty rough, I guess) and more fire fighters will be standing by, you know, so the Paultards don't burn anything down when the inevitable happens at the end of the night. That means that none of those folks will be able to caucus, and in a place like Iowa, that may be almost everybody. Also, so far as anyone knows, the firefighters are the only ones who support Chris Dodd, so I guess we can close the books on that one.

Some Bosses Bar Night Workers From Caucuses [Des Moines Register]


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