Have you heard about the iPhone? It's a wonderful new invention that lets the NSA illegally record all your phone calls, copy all your contacts, keep records of all your Web and IM activity, watch you through the camera, listen in on your household through the mic, and probably put you in a terrorist no-fly database for listening to Cynthia McKinney singing that stupid Pink song.

How does this expensive "miracle gadget" do so much domestic spying on you? Well, to use the iPhone you must sign up with AT&T, the telecom that has been tirelessly working with the National Security Agency's warrantless wiretapping program, which has installed massive data-mining and recording machinery on AT&T Internet hubs in every major American city.

Asked why Apple would only bundle the iPhone with the NSA total surveillance system, Steve Jobs laughed and said it's because AT&T has "been investing billions of dollars in the last couple of years to create a great network." Yes, it certainly has.

In Orwell's future, total government surveillance was a terrible thing that was forced upon the people -- just the kind of paranoid bullshit you'd expect from somebody like him. In reality, people literally line up all night long for the chance to be the first to pay $600 to be watched around the clock by the government.

Steve Jobs addresses new AT&T/iPhone controversy [TECH.BLORGE]


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