Iran Enriches Uranium: You Know, For Kids!

Oh no! Rhetoric!

riceiran.jpgCondi, we know you're trying to be tough and all, but we're still pretty close to tagging this as "holy shit" -- Sy Hersh just gets us a little skittish when he starts talking about "tactical nuclear weapons," and, well, we already kinda know how your boss feels about "diplomacy." So we urge you, Condi, to learn a little more about Iran before you take it to the Security Council -- get to know them, you know? We think we have a lot in common, after all. Like, for example, they have crappy and incomprehensible kids websites too:


Yeah. That's the Space Shuttle up top there. No, we don't know why. It kinda freaks us out a little, but those stock photography kids at the top make us feel a little better. This was the only thing we could find in English. Any Persian speakers out there want to tell us what the hell is going on? With this site or with the forthcoming nuclear apocalypse, either one will do.

Rice on Iran: 'We can't let this continue' [CNN]

Iran Kids

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