Iran Gradually Joining "Axis of Minor Annoyances"

Dearest Readers,

You presumably saw yesterday's post on Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's new blog. Maybe you clicked through and read his first post (single link to Mickey Kaus, idiomatic Farsi phrase roughly translatable as "heh"). If you are in Israel and using Internet Explorer, you should not have done this.

Because, as O'Reilly reports (the computer O'Reilly, not the sexual harassing one), the site sends a virus (or trojan) to visitors with Israeli IP addresses. Fiendishly clever, Ahmadinejad! America bows to your superior cunning -- we know now that you will not rest until your diabolical dreams are realized -- Jews across the world will switch to Linux or face the terrifying consequences!

Ahmadenijad Blog Contains A Little Surprise For Israeli Readers Using Windows and Internet Explorer [O'Reilly]


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