Iran Possesses Deadly "Paint" Technology

Seyyed Ali Borf was here - WonketteIran's Revolutionary National Guard claimed to the media that a crack "commando" unit recently snuck up behind an American warship stationed in the Persian Gulf and, well, tagged it. They drew the kick-ass logo of the Iranian Revolutionary National Guard, which has a gun and a fist and some kind of AT&T globe.

Shushkari warned the United States that if a confrontation arises, all American forces in the gulf as well as targets inside the U.S. itself would be targets for attack.

See? If they can stencil a logo onto a boat, what's to stop them from releasing a dirty bomb in a major US city? Or driving around smashing our mailboxes?

An operative stationed with the military in the middle east tells us that US forces are taking this threat very seriously -- preparing anti-toilet paper defenses, hiding the magic markers, and keeping a constant watch for "kick me" signs on the backs of officers.

Iran Revolutionary Guards: Unit engraved emblem on U.S. ship [Haaretz]


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