Iran Prez Blog Hacked!

mahmoudhacked.jpgSome time in the last two hours (we checked it during the press conference and it was fine), mysterious, incredibly dorky hackers "defaced" the personal blog of Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. After the embarrassingly nerdy credits and logo, there's some text in what may be Farsi (but then, fuck do we know?).

Early reports indicate that the Ned Lamont campaign is almost definitely behind this.

In case anyone wants to take a crack at translating, the geeky (but clearly freedom-loving) losers' message is reprinted after the jump.

Update: A translation, from a reader, indicates that the hackers have hacked not out of protest, but rather to leave an encouraging comment. It's a big love-in (they "would like to thank you on behalf of all of Iran's hackers"). Say what you will about Ahmadinejad, but the guy's getting better at PR every damn day. The translated message is after the jump.

jenabe Ahmadi Nejad

ma ke nemitoonim shomaro molaghat konim

vali az tarafe tamame hacker haye iran

azinke az haghe melate iran dar barabare tamame

keshvar haye jahan defa mikonid tashakor mikonim

azinke ba hemato talashe khod abadi va abadani ra

baraye mahroom avardin jaye tashakor dare

omid varim

ta akharin nafas az Energy hasteyi ke haghe

mosalame tamame mardome irane

defa konid


ba tashakore faravan

Modiriate : Y! Underground


Your Excellency Ahamdi Nejad

We who can no in person see you

however would like to thank you on behalf of all of Iran's hackers

for defending the rights of all the Iranian nation against

the countries of the world we thank you

for your endeavours to bring prosperity

to the dispossessed people

we hope

you will defend (to your last breath) nuclear energy that is the true right

of the all Iranian people


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