Iran, US to Have Slumber Party

CNN had an EXCLUSIVE interview with Condi Rice today on the Situation Room today!

VERJEE (voice-over): Softening on another member of the so-called axis of evil -- Iran. Condoleezza Rice offered Iran an olive branch -- take us up on talks, any time, any place. But stop enriching uranium first.

CONDOLEEZZA RICE, SECRETARY OF STATE: We can talk about anything.

That's an offer that I would renew today. We have, in fact, even under these circumstances, we've cooperated some in Afghanistan and I think that was useful. So there is a different path.

Aww, we can talk about anything? Shoes and boys we like? So sweet! Now Iran will surely stop enriching uranium!

Maybe we could also talk to Iran about how we keep blaming their government for attacks in Iraq despite the evidence being extremely shaky and circumstantial? Or, you know, makeup. Makeup's good too.


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