Iranians' Bike Tour Around World To Get Them Out of Iran

As the CNN tells us, one Iranian couple is going on a bike tour "for peace" around the world, where they plan to educate us ninnies on the glories of their very fertile country! The Iranian government had no problems, either, letting them embark on this delightful envoy mission. The bikers are in the United States now, and will stop in other wealthy countries where the government won't kill them on the way... back. Do you see what I'm thinking? This is an ungodly brilliant couple: They simply told the Iranian government that they would go on a "bike ride for peace" around the world, and now they're out of Iran. This is your window, disgruntled Iranians! Get some cheap bike, tell Ahmadinejad it's for peace and what not and get your ass out of Iran.


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