Iraq and the Mystery of the WMDs, by George W. Bush

You may have heard the President's riff on conditions in Iraq yesterday, when pressed on how the CIA's assessment did not match up to the administration's optimistic predictions: "The CIA laid out a -- several scenarios that said, life could be lousy, like could be okay, life could be better. And they were just guessing as to what the conditions might be like." Of course, "just guessing," explains a lot about the CIA. But what we liked best is W's summary of the CIA's findings, which could just as soon be a fifth grade book report. You know:

My favorite part was when conditions could be OK. The part I liked least was when they were lousy. My favorite character was Paul Bremer, he wore those funny boots. The end.
We'd like to point out that we don't think this means Bush is dumb. He just sounds dumb.

And he is worse than Hitler.

President Bush Meets with Prime Minister Allawi in New York Tuesday []


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