Iraq: Do You Have a Receipt for That?

Yay, Colin Powell! So quick to set the record straight with regard to Pottery Barn's actual breakage policy: If he had wanted to warn the president off of his Iraq plans with a reference to "the Pottery Barn rule," the correct admonition is not "You break it, you buy it," but rather, as Powell told Ted Koppel, "You drop it, and it's an accident, you do not have to pay for it."

But who would believe that we broke Iraq by accident? It's not like we were just wandering around the Middle East, picking up some faux-distressed furniture and tripped. We invaded the country. So what's the corporate policy on that? "You smash it to little pieces with your nation-crushing air power, you get the U.N. to pay for it"?

Pottery Barn Gets a Break [WP]


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