Iraq Is Fixing Itself

Stop holding hands. - WonketteMacaca and Jim Webb didn't exactly bring Bold New Ideas about Iraq to last night's pointless debate. George Allen wants to "stay the course" because you know how much he loves civil wars, and Webb is going to continue sending his family to Iraq until they're the ethnic majority.

But there's real hope for real progress in today's news: Soon there won't be any people left in Iraq ... and no population means nobody to argue about our great progress and democracy and such. Victory!

The Iraqi "immigration minister" said today that at least 890,000 Iraqis have already fled the country and more are leaving every day. Somewhere between 100,000 and 300,000 have been killed in either the invasion, occupation or current religious war, and an average of 100 people are shot or blown up with each new day. And a new weapon was unleashed this week: food poisoning! More than 1,200 Iraq soldiers were poisoned by the special new dinner of Cyanide Chicken. It shouldn't take too long to scare off or kill off the remaining 25 million people.

Thousands flee Iraq violence [Al Jazeera]

Allen, Webb in Slashing, Wide-Ranging Debate [Washington Post]


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