Iraq Study Group: 'Fraudulently Smiling At Me'

Nadine is back. Possibly shamed by our imaginary anal assault against her repetitive crazy-person e-mails of late, she has come back in force, strength upon strength!

What is going on with this so-called "Iraq Study Group Report" thing? Only Nadine knows, and she's knows it's bad news for all patriots trying to fight the transgendered psychotic lawyers working for Cheney.

She's going to sock it to you, after the jump.

Justice says the situation is NEVER HOPELESS and that 'diplomatic efforts should begin right away'

9 pm 153/91 p85

America needs its independent voice, and that is exactly what is being poisoned by this political polarization. Simpson and Panetta on CNN are calling the ISG "outsourcing statesmenship" because thisadministration is divisive with their nonstop "win-lose." Their reasoning has us only talking to people who are walking to the table admitting they are the loser and being abused like a masochist. That's exactly what Cheney is doing here too, and we should question people who enjoy making us at war with ourselves.

Listen to the independent voice of the rule of law, Sandra Day O'Connor on PBS, when she says "people of goodwill and integrity" should get together and "be responsible American citizens dealing with a very serious problem," where Vernon Jordon says "negotiation is required."

Yes, these are statespeople doing an intervention here because this administration is abusing and manipulating the facts to get us into and keep us in external and internal wars, instead of engaging in mature dialogue and giving conflict resolution a chance.

I know what kind of fraudulent garbage Mareth and others in the military have been obstructing justice with, and what Sandra Day O'Connor means when she says Iraq should be aided as an entity "that is able to defend and support itself and not be a threat to its neighbors and itself." That is definitely the voice of reason here, because this ISG is an INTERVENTION on an administration that is on the wrong track, trying to prove lies with preemptive prejudiced propaganda, and overuse of military force, instead of acting in a reasonable manner that invests in the public trust with honest dialogue and a commitment to reconciliation.

Tell the story and tell the truth ABC. Justice says the situation is NEVER HOPELESS and that "diplomatic efforts should begin right away." Why aren't you picking up on win-win here, and being a part of putting this on the right track and honoring your responsibility to public service announcements under your FCC license? Try truth.

8:30 pm 162/84 p92

8 pm 164/96 p96

7 pm bp 154/92 p93

ABC needs to tell the story and tell the truth. They think they can preemptive attack the real story with their propaganda, having Mr. Gibson laugh under his breath while he reports a "threat to one of America's most revered monuments" that makes it "in danger of disappearing." They don't want to admit that they co-created this situation by handing over technology to the government to save r & d costs and use the satanic nazi's to do the research on live people that Disney certainly couldn't do. They have been fraudulently smiling at me since they failed to report on the Cheney extortion before the 2004 election, like they are on my side and helping to get this resolved.

The truth is now that they are paying off people who have been predators, and are trying to poison Americans with their cover-up by subliminal stories announcing "she's sitting in an environment that will ultimately be her demise."

Tell the story and tell the truth. My story is all about what cronies did in Dallas, and will help you to see how to deal with these cronies now at the federal level, and this is collusion and a failure to honor their responsibilities to the American public. My story clearly reflects the same conclusion headlined in USA Today about the failure of cronies to have basic conflict resolution skills. They always play "win-lose" to maintain their abusive status as master, and will blindly preempt and undermine all diplomatic and negotiating efforts that exemplify the American value of "liberty and justice for all." Just like here, just like in Gitmo, they want to override the rule of law and make themselves above the law and create situations where they can claim their targeted slaves are under the law. Tell the story and tell the truth ABC, your conflict of interest is the real problem that is poisoning the rights of the informed citizenry to make laws to stop this crimes against humanity technology. Just like the Cheney's, you are responsible for this, and accountable for the ongoing exploitation of the citizens ignorance of matters that are very real and need to be written into laws to defend and protect Americans from radical insurgents here who want to erase "equal justice under law."

6:30pm bp 146/89 p94

6pm bp 141/89 p85

5:30 pm 135/87 p86 obsessive compulsive genital assaults and wall cracking

5 pm bp 118/75 p 83

4:30 pm bp 118/78 p88


bp 101/58 p94

Nonstop terrorism assaults from Cheney master-slave extremists trying to force me to live their mental illness and have their heart attacks for them. Cheney thinks the military is for acting out their sadomasochism so it doesn't happen at home. Get these sadists off of me. This is nonstop displacing and hijacking so he can increase his slaves to displace and hijack more, just like in Iraq. Message yesterday after contacting bloggers "Cheney's are happy you are having problems" and then heart muscle assaults escalated, to add insult to injury. They want self-fulfilling prophecies and reinforce their sickness. The ISG is an intervention, so what part of that don't these addicts get? These people love the hate chaos here and in Iraq, and they are the ones who need to be displaced with "liberty and justice for all."


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