Iraq War Jumps Shark

hogans.jpgWhy, HBO? Why?

The premium network is developing "Hotel Palestine," a half-hour comedy about a group of wartime journalists living in a Baghdad hotel.

No no no. We're going to pretend we didn't read that. Thank you.

Remember that story about the wacky terrorist sleeper cell sitcom that everyone in Hollywood loved but no one was brave enough to produce? Yeah, the reason is because it was a marginally funny idea for an SNL sketch, not a weekly series.

Hell, maybe it could work. It could be like a modern-day The Front Page, except Hilly would be held for ransom by extremists and Walter Burns would be fired when conservative blogs seized upon off-the-record remarks on the US military's shelling of the titular hotel. You know, funny stuff.

HBO Planning Comedy Set In... Baghdad? [TVWeek]


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