Iraq/Afghanistan Wars Hit Vietnam/Korean War Prices

If you're driving alone, you're riding with Hitler! - WonketteEverybody loves to talk about how Iraq is just like Vietnam, as far as the United States losing a big bloody unnecessary war, but now we can add "they cost the same, too."

With a price tag of $600 Billion on the low end (and another $10 billion each month we stay the course) and $2 trillion on the high end, the Bush/Cheney wars are right up there with the adjusted-for-inflation Vietnam War ($650 billion) and Korean War ($691 billion).

So why aren't we growing victory gardens and getting shot at Kent State and stuff? Because the economy is much bigger now! The Korean and Vietnam wars cost 14% and 9% of GDP, respectively, while Iraq and Afghanistan only cost 1% of GDP. Also, the White House is borrowing the whole cost of the war from China, which now owns America. Everybody wins!

How US is deferring war costs [Christian Science Monitor]


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